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...Maple and Scots Pine dressing/marinade by Épicea, a Boreal Forest product from Quebec, comes with a delicious recipe,200ml

...Vegetable Antipasto, a vegetarian alternative to the classic one. A blend of fresh vegetables and tomato sauce creates a delicious and bold chunky Italian antipasto. Try with bagguete or replacing it for salsa - pairs well with artisan crackers.

...Gourmet's homemade apricot, hazelnut & rosemary crackers Les Minettes - made with organic flour. 115 g

...Joe Beef Country blend, this fine herb and salt blend has a light woodsy, camphor flavour. It is a unique product: lower in sodium than regular table salt, it adds a great deal of flavour to all types of dishes. It contains no preservatives and is made with 100% natural ingredients.

......Pure delight, chocolate "bean to bar" by Chaleur B , - A family-owned business Chaleur B handcraft cocoa beans to the bar. This lengthy process requires patience and dedication as these beans are sourced from small producers - imported , selected raw, roasted and follow all the steps leading to the production of a chocolate "bean to bar" -

...Almond and pistachios tender nougat, made with artisan Anicet honey 50g. Made in Montreal in small batches. 50 g

...Maple and sweet gale mustard - 125 ml, a lightly-sweet seasoning for beef or venison grills, sauce for magret of duck and other wild game.

...raw organic cashews in metal tin.

...Lemon and sea salt pistachios.

...Presented in a all-wood crate.

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