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Gourmet's homemade apricot, hazelnut & rosemary crackers Les Minettes - made with organic flour. 115 g

Savory Rillettes of duck and foie gras paté - creamy and light.

Apple ice cidre jelly, perfect with pâtés.

Elegant and chic, small chocolate fruit cake, brimful of glacé fruits, dried nuts and matured in stout beer, enjoy with port wine, fine cheese and of course, the best stout beer! 100g

Caramel quinoa puffs and tamari pumpkin seed- best bite snacks with a bit of salt and a bit of sugar, - made in Montreal.

Almond caramel shortbreads, not too sweet- made in Montreal in small batches.

Artisan raspberry jelly fruit square, made in Montreal.

Lemon and sea-salt shelled pistachios.

Presented in a all wood with blackboard rectangular container.

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