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For Monsieur BBQ or Lady BBQ! Great birthday or hostess gift....

Beautiful 100% linen Tea Towel, Moose head hand-printed with non toxic water-based eco-friendly dyes. 18" x 28" - Hand drawn images These are made locally in Montréal, by Debra Brown - Petits Mots

Joe Beef classic Butcher's Blend -This bold blend brings to mind the typical Montreal smoked meat and BBQ flavours that are a major source of culinary inspiration at the Joe Beef restaurant.
The seasonings are produced in small batches to preserve freshness and contain only natural ingredients. They are low on salt, but high on flavour. Furthermore, they are made with ingredients sourced from responsible, ethical producers.

Joe Beef Country blend, this fine herb and salt blend has a light woodsy, camphor flavour. It is a unique product: lower in sodium than regular table salt, it adds a great deal of flavour to all types of dishes. It contains no preservatives and is made with 100% natural ingredients.

Presented in a rectangular rustic bark tray 9.5"(L) x 3.25" w x 1.5"(H)

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