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Apricot, hazelnut & rosemary gourmet crackers • Les Minettes - 115 g

Savory Rillettes of duck and foie gras paté - creamy and light.

Caramelized onion and maple confit , made with Quebec maple syrup, this savoury condiment will be definitely enjoyed with charcuterie, meat, salmon and trout

Best Maple and ginger mustard.

BBQ Butcher's blend Joe Beef - a bold blend version of the Montreal classic seasoned steak!

Absolute must BBQ JOE BEEF steak sauce , so delicious - serve with fav meat cuts and prime roast beef, veal or lamb, use to baste chicken, duck and pork.

Apple butter caramel spread.

Buttered pretzels

Dark chocolat 25g

Roasted dried nuts.

Comes in a all wood natural rectangular container.

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