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Apricot, hazelnut & rosemary gourmet crackers • Les Minettes - made with organic flour. 115 g

Savory Rillettes of duck and foie gras paté - creamy and light.

Apple ice cidre jelly, will pair perfectly with pâtés.

Joe Beef Country blen, This fine herb and salt blend has a light woodsy, camphor flavour. It is a unique product: lower in sodium than table salt, it adds a great deal of flavour to all types of dishes. It contains no preservatives and is made with 100% natural ingredients.

Caramelized onion and port confit, this savoury condiment will be definitely enjoyed with charcuterie, red meat and cheese

BBQ Butcher's blend Joe Beef - a bold blend version of the Montreal classic seasoned steak!
Absolute must BBQ JOE BEEF steak sauce , so delicious - serve with fav meat cuts and prime roast beef, veal or lamb, use to baste chicken, duck and pork.

Dark chocolat with maple bits.

Almond cheer mix.

Roasted dried nuts.

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