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...Raspberry seltzer, sugar-free and refreshing.Vintage-style glass bottle -100% natural, kosher and gluten-free.

...Colourful sweet Jelly Beans.

...roasted pecans drenched in pure maple syrup.

...delicious popped potatoes and soy snacks, light, not fried, vegetarian, healthy alternative to classic chips! Gluten free.

...cookies'n cream caramels in Sweets pintriped candy bag.

...shelled lemon and sea salt pistachios

...raw organic cashwes.

...almond and pistachios tender nougat, made with a lot of honey from Les Miels d'Anicet , a real fine artisan honey- Made in Montreal in small batches. 50 g

...artisan taffy caramels, wrapped one by one, almond sechouan peppercorn and fleur de sel in mini burlap string bag. Made in small batches in Montreal.

...Caramel quinoa puffs and tamari pumpkin seed- best bite snacks with a bit of salt and a bit of sugar, - made in Montreal.

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