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Set of four Sloane Tea delicate doubled walled glass tea cups, individually produced by skilled artisans who practice the time-honoured tradition of mouth-blowing glass. Each tea cup is created as a work of art. The two individual layers of glass allow for the tea to be contained in the center, with the heat of the liquor not penetrating the exterior layer. Each cup holds 28ml/1oz of tea, so these cups are especially ideal for teas that take well to multiple infusions This set of four tea cups also make an ideal gift and come packaged in a our luxury hand-crafted linen gift box.

Beautiful Sloane Tea tin caddy reminiscent of old-world luxury with a new twist.
Grand Gen Mai Chai, Japanese “Sencha” green tea is gently steamed to “fix” the leaves and preserve their original green color before being rolled and dried into a flat needle shape. The leaves are then blended with toasted brown rice, creating a warming and nutty infusion.

Loose leaf luxury made simple. Beautifully packaged tea filter bags are complete with a string and tag, and are perfect for portioning as much or as little loose leaf as you wish to infuse your cup or teapot. Box of 50 tea filters.

Dark chocolat 25 g

Delicious artisan maple bites individually wrapped, gift wrapped.

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