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Engraved all wood timber box with a luxe French candle and diffuser collection . Embodies sophisticated scents from Grasse, France, this town is considered to be the capital of perfume. Hand poured 100% vegetable wax candle 90 gr with 100% cotton wick – along with a pretty square glass diffuser 50 ml - with set of natural bamboo reeds.

While relaxing, have a cup of tea, Beautiful Sloane Tea tin caddy reminiscent of old-world luxury with a new twist. Earl Grey Classic - This immensely popular black tea is named after British Prime Minister Earl Grey, and since the 1830's it has been considered a classic. Earl Grey is not a type of tea, rather, it is a blend, black tea blended with a robust portion of a beautifully aromatic oil of Italian bergamot.

Butter caramel spread.

All organic unsalted nut mix.

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