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Birds of a Feather coloring book - This fun, whimsical coloring book is perfect for adults and kids. 18 original illustrations by Vicki Sawyer. Made in the USA. Hester & Cook

Pencil Quill - Vintage silver-plate knife handles made to extend the life of your pencil. Simply attach to short pencils that are too small to comfortably use. Styles will vary. Made in the USA. Hester & Cook

Box set of 7 colored pencils with a notepad all included in one box. Made in the USA. Hester & Cook.

Solid brass pencil sharpener with holes for standard and jumbo pencils. Made in Germany.

While relaxing, have a cup of tea, Beautiful Sloane Tea tin caddy reminiscent of old-world luxury with a new twist. Earl Grey Classic - This immensely popular black tea is named after British Prime Minister Earl Grey, and since the 1830's it has been considered a classic. Earl Grey is not a type of tea, rather, it is a blend, black tea blended with a robust portion of a beautifully aromatic oil of Italian bergamot.

Dark chocolate.

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