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Outstanding pasta, unique artisan pasta with a lovely porous texture that lets your favorite sauce stick more easily instead of remaining at the bottom of the plate. Produced in Italy's purest polluant-free regions, the mountains of Antola Natural Park. This pasta undergoes a long drying process at low temperature which does not alter its properties nor taste and texture. 500gr

Sicilian Tomato Sauce, authentic Italian sauce, simple and natural ingredients made with Italian tomatoes ripened under the Meditarranean sun. Made in small batches to preserve color and aromas along with a few locally sourced seasonings added such as Sicilian oregano, Calabrian hot peppers and basil and parsley from Abruzzo. 480 ml

Two BIJOUX effervescent white wine, packaged in aluminum cans that contain an inner lining specifically made for wine. This new technology, allows consumers to enjoy wine with the same quality as if it came out of a bottle. The can offers an impeccable conservation of the wine, by preventing any contact with air or light. More to it, aluminum cans are unbreakable, therefore the perfect solution to appreciate wine where bottles can't go

Grinder ready Roasted Garlic Butcher'S Salt for hand sprinkling as a finishing touch to any dish, vintage glass container. 200gr

Delicious popped potatoes and soy snacks, light, not fried, vegetarian, healthy alternative to classic chips! Gluten free

Sea salt lemon shelled pistachios.

Almond cheer mix.

Comes in a light grey wood container.

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