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Kinto Couture porcelain mug - sip so elegant with a soft sculpted cable-knit pattern -a double wall system keeps hot/cold temperature longer and helps prevent burns. Microwave, dishwasher safe, 3.66"h x 3.22"d , 7.7 oz.

Beautiful Sloane Tea tin caddy reminiscent of old-world luxury with a new twist. Citron Calm, signature blend - calming mélange of Egyptian chamomile, fruits and herbs. This tisane, created by a medley of chamomile flowers, rose hips and subtle slices of citrus fruit creates an enticing balance of tart and sweet. The warmth of Indian Lemongrass rejuvenates the palate and adds depth to this soothing tisane. 75g net loose leaf tea.

Loose leaf luxury made simple. Beautifully packaged tea filter bags are complete with a string and tag, and are perfect for portioning as much or as little loose leaf as you wish to infuse your cup or teapot. Box of 50 tea filters.

Soft like a cloud, strawberry meringues, hand made artisan product made in Quebec.

Dark chocolate.

Roasted dry peanuts.

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