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Outstanding pasta, unique artisan pasta with a lovely porous texture that lets your favorite sauce stick more easily instead of remaining at the bottom of the plate. Produced in Italy's purest polluant-free regions, the mountains of Antola Natural Park. This pasta undergoes a long drying process at low temperature which does not alter its properties nor taste and texture. 500gr

Villevielle Picholines Olives no aperitif, meal table or summertime would be the same without the Picholine olive! The crisp king of olives from the Gard with its nutty flavour is a perfect companion for every moment enjoyed with friends and family.

Italian cherry tomatoes, Nothing compares with the intense aromatic notes of an authentic Italian tomato nourished by the soil, the Adriatic breeze and the Mediterranean sun. These tomatoes are grown in Puglia, where the sun helps them develop to their full potential.

Maple and Scots Pine dressing/marinade by Épicea, a Boreal Forest product from Quebec, comes with a delicious recipe. 200 ml

The best maple onion confit by Richer, maple sugar masters. Sweet and savory onion jam great with toasted baguette.

Terre Exotique peppercorns, White Sarawak, harvested on the island of Borneo in Malasia. These peppercorns are handpicked one by one and dried in the sun. They release woody scents with fresh fruity notes and will delight grilled meat, soft red fruit desserts and pan-friend spring veggies.

Almond Cheer mix.

Presented in a grey all wooden rectangular box.

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