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Impressive handmade pot from Portugal with debossed MOUTARDE on the front, cork top assorted with a smooth bamboo spreader.

Wild ginger and maple artisan made mustard, an undeniable taste enhancer, condiment with a rich past. Made in Quebec.

Cubeb pepper, also know as the tailed pepper, which comes form Indonesia is characterized by its slight spiciness and its subtle yet bitter aromatic notes of clove. On its own or mixed with other peppers, it can be used to flavour sweet and sour dishes, chutneys or fruit compotes.

Delicious popped potatoes and soy snacks, light, not fried, vegetarian, healthy alternative to classic chips! Gluten free.

Pure apple butter caramel spread.

Dark Chocolate.

Almond Cheer mix.

Ruffled edge design acrylic clear container

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