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Superb black and gold opaque elegant bottle of Francisco Gomez olive oil- Dense, balanced oil, generous on the palate, with a hint of bitterness. Notes of green tomato, apple and fresh herbs add liveliness and body.Francisco Gómez is a Spanish company that produces premium wines and olive oils, based north of Alicante. While maximising its production system thanks to modern infrastructures, Francisco Gómez operates in an eco-responsible manner: respect for the environment and for the local know-how are part of the business's philosophy. The oil is made from the first olives of the varieties called Aberquina (50%) and Picual (50%).

Two BIJOUX effervescent white wine, packaged in aluminum cans that contain an inner lining specifically made for wine. This new technology, allows consumers to enjoy wine with the same quality as if it came out of a bottle. The can offers an impeccable conservation of the wine, by preventing any contact with air or light. More to it, aluminum cans are unbreakable, therefore the perfect solution to appreciate wine where bottles can't go.

Fleur de sel in vintage jar.

Savory pâté, goose and pheasant and foie gras, creamy and light.

Apricot, hazelnut & rosemary gourmet crackers- Les Minettes - 115 g

Deluxe organic nut mix.

Dark chocolate square.

Presented in a chic faux leather container with handles.

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