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Two Pirouette Whiskey Glasses - unique in its kind glass, which can spin on the table. At first glance, the idea that the glass can rotate seems unbelievable, when seeing the glass on the table you wouldn't think its any other then a high-quality tumbler; It spins at the slightest touch of your hand... and the more intensive you spin it the faster and longer the glass spins. Each in a Gift Tube. The unique design on the bottom of the glass allows you to spin the glass on the table Relax with your favorite scotch or on the rock while spinning your glass on the table
Volume 320ml H 4in Diameter 3 1/4in each in a Gift Tube .

Set of 9 Chill 'n Rock - cools your favorite spirit without diluting the taste, comes with a canvas storage pouch. No more ice. Chill'n Rock keep drinks cold, without altering taste, they are made from soapstone which is known for its ability to maintain temperature for long periods of time. Soapstone will not react to water, alcohol or other drinks. Store in freezer.

Comes beautifully packaged in a gift box with luxurious ribbon.

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