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Beautiful baby accessory line, handcrafted in Montreal, Quebec- exclusive design Bouton Jaune.

Designed by Bouton Jaune, beautiful bedding accessories elegant and no frills. Bolster candy-like pillow in blush pink and white polka-dots, classic chic, can be used as a comfort item while baby rests, duvet feel made of hypoallergenic microfibre. Wash cover separately, gentle cycle - Flat extra band 15-1/2" x 9" to rest baby, pretty rick-rack ribbon at both ends.

Matching cushion ball, lightweight using two coordinated fabrics with invisible zipper. Duvet comfort made of hypoallergenic microfiber. Great for baby's motor skills - Wash cover separately, gentle cycle -

Set of 100% cotton washcloths that boast super softness, stitched borders 9½''x 9½'' ou 22,9cm x 21,6cm. - Design Bouton Jaune.

Fancy knotted hat, ivory color 100% organic cotton, machine wash - pretty fabric pattern. Bouton Jaune.

Assorted organic no-scratch mittens - 100% organic cotton, machine wash - ivory color. Bouton Jaune.

Wittle Kitty , blush pink fur with cream features and charming embroidered face.

Perfect tall aluminum container with rope cords on each side, can use as baby's toy box.

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