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This beautiful Beba Bean Crochet knit blanket in soft pink is a perfect welcome gift for any newborn. With a decorative stitch centre and a simple chunky selvedge border, the construction is both insulating and breathable making this a very comfortable blanket for any baby. The size of this blanket makes it ideal for a moses basket or crib. . 26"x34" 100% cotton, machine wash, tumble dry low.

Assorted Crochet Bear hat in soft pink is just cozy, soft and just the right pinch of quirky, the crochet bear toque (that's puts the "fun" in functional. 100% cotton , machine wash and dry. 3-6 months size.

Short sleeve kimono body suit water dot print- lets dress baby without having to pull anything overhead—a key feature when you have a wiggler. By adding spandex to natural cotton muslin, this turned a wonder fabric into a super fabric, giving just the right amount of one-way stretch to this soft, breathable essential that will keep baby nice and comfy. 3-6 months.

Set of 100% cotton/velours washcloths that boast super softness, stitched borders 9½''x 9½'' ou 22,9cm x 21,6cm. Made in Quebec.

Here is a cute kitty kitty! Frisky, fuzzy and floppy in long pink fur with cream fur muzzle and paws. Sweet embroidered face. Size: 15".

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