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...Cute beanie ivory cream colour with dark brown band - Made from 70% viscose made from bamboo and 30% cotton.

...Mini Messenger Puppy is a real Cupid, ready to greet the one you love. Standing up straight, this puppy postie has a soft red heart in those little paws. This biscuity pup has cute chocolate patches in gentle linen - scrumptiously sweet and cute as a button.

...Ivory cream soft cotton/velour baby booties with ankle fold- Designed and made in Quebec. 80% cotton -20% polyester.

...White 100% cotton organic no-scratch mittens - machine wash - Designed and made in Quebec.

...Double layer round soft cotton/velour bib, ivory color with little soft grey-blue stars, two snaps in front for easy reach. Designed and made in Quebec

Presented in a glossy white gift box with cover.

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